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Welcome to the Christian Women Leaders 1-1 and Group Coaching Program


a program Designed specifically for women of faith who are ready to scale their online business


Darling, maybe your here because you feel like you are LOST. You have this passion, this desire, this urge to build your dream. You believe in it so much that you invested in a website, created a brand, and set out to accomplish your God-given dream. But now, you don't know what to do. You've tried anything and everything but your business simply does not seem to grow. Your overwhelmed with social media, blogging, growing your email list, and seeing results from all of the work you put in. Maybe it feels like you work all the time without ever really getting anything in return for your efforts.

You know you believe in this and you want to make it work. You simply wish you knew what to do to make it happen because you are willing to do whatever it takes to turn your God-dream into reality. I completely understand how you feel. I know what it's like to build a business and get stuck. I also know what it's like to build a business and to succeed. I discovered that it takes a few things to succeed:

1. Mentorship/Coaching: Finding someone who has successfully build their business online who can help you do the same. 

2. Community: Having a group of women to support you on your journey and provide you with feedback/insight on your ideas and your business from an outside perspective.

3. Resources/Training: Knowing what to do and how to successfully run an online business by having the tools, resources and strategies you need to grow your business online.

When I finally realized that I needed all of these things in order to thrive and made the decision to make the investment in them with my time and money I started to succeed. And I don't mean in a small way, but in a BIG WAY.

When I invested in the things I:

  • Left my full-time job and began working for myself within the first month of investing in a coach and group program.
  • Booked myself full with clients within the first 3 months
  • Hired my first employee within the first 5 months and doubled my revenue.
  • Started living a lifestyle where I worked less, made more and loved what I did every single day!

Talk about being fulfilled! I spent YEARS wanting to make this happen and no matter how many free webinars, podcasts and books I listened to and read I simply could not make it happen. I found myself struggling to really take myself and my business to the next level. I had done everything I knew how to do and it simply wasn't enough. The moment I realized this I knew that I had to go outside of myself if I truly wanted to make this happen. So I did. I invested in a coach, a group program and in courses. When I did, I was able to accomplish the dream I had been working towards for years within one month.

We always hear people ask entrepreneurs what advice they would give themselves when they first started or what they wish they would have known and for me, this is it. I wish I would have known that investing in these things would be the game-changer for me because I would have done it so much sooner.

I know that coaching, group programs and courses can be expensive. I know what it's like to be a business owner with limited funding. I also know that when you are willing to invest in what you believe in, things will begin to shift and you will begin to experience new things in your business. 

I want to offer you all of these things for an affordable price because I believe in you, and if you believe in your business and are ready to make things happen, then this program is for you.


Program Dates: August 1st, 2017-October 27th, 2017

About the Program: This program is one of a kind as it includes 1-1 coaching calls, group calls and business training! It is specifically for women who have a business set-up but they are stuck on how to grow it or take it to the next level. It also provides women with the 3 key components they need to succeed online: mentorship, community and resources. Through this program you will have the support you need from Natalia as well as other women for masterminding, getting feedback and getting strategy and mentorship. You will also be provided with monthly resource and trainings on topics that will help you grow your business each and every single month. The trainings will provide you with valuable information that will be foundational to growing your business online in the long-term.

Included in the program:

  • 1-1 Coaching/Mentoring ($300 monthly value)
  • Community/Mastermind Group ($300 monthly value)
  • Monthly Trainings/Resources/Worksheets ($300 monthly value)

Over $900 of value each month! You get back what you pay for the entire program within the first month!




August: Creating a Strategy and clarity around your VISION and business goals

During this month we will set clear goals and strategy for your business that you can focus on in the long-term to help you achieve your desired results. In addition, you will receive a training video, worksheets and a dream board teaching you how to set goals and create strategies to help you succeed in business on an ongoing basis!

*Includes 1:1 call and group call!



september: Website/Social Media Strategy

During this month I will perform a website audit for you and provide you with some feedback and tips on how to improve your website to get better results. You will walk away with some clear action steps to help you yield higher results by implementing some changes on your site from my marketing expertise. You will also revive a training video through which I will teach you all of my top tips and strategies for running your social media effectively and efficiently and setting up your website for success. I'll show you everything from how to create a strategy, beautiful designs and how to plan and schedule so you can save time and see real results!

*Includes 1:1 call and group call!



OCTOBER: Blog/Email Strategy

During this month we will talk about how to create a blog and email strategy that will help you turn your social media followers into website visitors and then convert them into customers. You will be provided with a training video on how to come up with topics your audience will love, how to save time writing content, how to grow your email list, what to send your list, and how to leverage these two platforms for business growth!

*Includes 1:1 call and group call!


*Bonus trainings, resources, worksheets and more included each month!


*1-1 45 min. Monthly Call with Natalia (3 total)

*Monthly Group Coaching/Mastermind Call (3 total)

*Monthly Training Videos and worksheets

*Monthly Strategy Tips

*Feedback and Implementation Accountability

*Online community for networking and support

*Additional trainings and resources to help you grow your business







This program offers over $2,500 of value during the 3 months!

this 3-month program INCLUDES both 1:1 calls AND group coaching calls!

Why? Because both are KEY in your walk as an entrepreneur!

You need support that is tailored to you and your business as well as community and feedback from other women too! Not to mention some of the best ideas, connections and friends are made during group programs so get ready to thrive among other Christian women pursuing their God-dream too!

Meet Natalia

Hey there! I'm so glad that you have made your way to this page. If you've made it this far then that means that you are craving community, guidance, mentorship, networking and support as you pursue your God-dream. I get it. We all want the same things. We want to live a life of purpose, we want to pursue our dreams and we want to have community as we do so. That is why I created this program. As an experienced entrepreneur and marketing expert I am going to provide you not just with community and mentorship but with actionable steps you can take to to grow your business each and every single month we spend together. You'll have the faith-based support and resources you need to help you live that life of purpose you desire while having the support and guidance you seek. If you are interested in learning more about me and my story you can do so here. If you have any questions about this program you can contact me here. I hope you decide to join us! I'm cheering you on!

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Over $2,500 in value for ONLY

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These types of programs usually run for $400+ per month!

I have limited spots available so space will be offered at a first come first serve basis.

Special Bonuses for Every Participant




This program is specifically designed for women who have something in their heart they know was planted there by God, they have struggled with seeing the full vision and are not sure how to take the baby steps to make it happen, and are ready to get clarity, accountability, and support as they boldly step out in obedience to make this God-dream happen.

*Included when you sign-up for this program. Click here to learn more.


Group Call with Guest Expert Shi Chen ($300 value)

Shi Chen will be hosting a group call during the program on one of her expert topics that is voted on by the majority of participants.

About Shi Chen: Shi Chen is a certified leadership coach.  She partners with Christian women to grow their business leadership confidence, productivity, and profitability to truly make an impact.  She is a wife, mama, Baltimore native, and believes that all good things from God.

To learn more about Shi, visit her website here.

*Included when you sign-up for this program.