90% of businesses fail. Let's make you a part of the 10% that succeed.

Have you been lurking in all the Facebook groups, pinning all the business articles, listening to all the podcasts and signing up for all the webinars but you still haven't started your online business?


Or maybe you have a business, but if you are honest it's more like a hobby that is costing you money instead of making you money.


It's time to stop watching others build their dream life and business and start building yours!

I used to be and feel like you. Now, I'm hitting year 2 of running a 6-figure online business while living my dream life and I want to help you do the same too!


Imagine waking up every day to:

A successful business that provides you with a flexible lifestyle so you can prioritize what truly matters to you


Financial freedom to determine how much you want to make and know exactly how you are going to make it


Being a confident CEO by having a strategic business plan in place to know exactly what you are building and how

Yes, building a successful business that supports the life you have always dreamed of is absolutely possible!

Over the past four years, I have discovered how ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL it is to have a sustainable and profitable business model in order to truly go from employee to entrepreneur.

Let me share my personal story of going from employee to entrepreneur and building a profitable online business after quitting my corporate job:

Two years ago, I quit my corporate job to become a full-time entrepreneur with ZERO CLIENTS and NO BUSINESS in place.

Within the first 5 months of leaving my corporate job I:

  • Booked up with clients (month 3 after quitting)
  • Matched my salary from my full-time job (month 3)
  • Hired my first employee (month 4)
  • Doubled my revenue within 1 month of hiring my first employee (month 5)

I built a 6-figure business within the first year of becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

I reached these goals by creating a sustainable business model that set me up to scale and grow FROM THE BEGINNING.

Cale Natalia-2 Headshots-0016.jpg

Here are a few reasons why you need

a sustainable and scalable business model

whether you are in the process of starting a business

or you have a business but you are struggling to

generate consistent revenue and grow:




1. There is a simple method for pricing your products and services that ensures you consistently turn a profit and meet your financial goals.


2. Knowing how to switch your mindset and daily activities from employee to entrepreneur will set you up for long-term success.


3. Creating a sustainable business that is designed around your dream life will ensure you find the fulfillment, joy and purpose daily that a traditional job could not give you.


The Shepreneur Business Academy is here to help you make your dream life and business happen by combining my expert strategies and methods through live trainings and coaching with me!

I created the Academy to teach online business owners, just like you, the EXACT SAME strategies and model that I use to build a sustainable and scalable business that is designed around my dream life. Two years later, I work less than I ever have while hitting 6-figures each year.


I'll teach you my strategies, model and methods step-by-step in the Shepreneur Business Academy.

All you have to do is say yes to you and your dream.



3 monthly payments of $350


Save When You Pay-In Full

Limited spots available. Once spots fill-up the program will close.

When you enroll in the Academy you will learn:

  • How to create a clear vision for your dream business so that you know exactly what to build
  • How to create a clear vision for your dream life so that your business is designed around a life you love
  • How to identify your ideal clients so you know who to engage with and convert
month (1).png
  • How to create your product/offering suite so that you know exactly what to sell to reach your financial goals
  • How to price your services and products so that you make a profit with every single sale
  • How to create a scalable business model so that you are set-up for growth
month (2).png
  • How to run your business like a CEO so that you feel confident in your work daily 
  • How to set yearly goals for your business and how to achieve them effectively
  • How to create a daily/monthly action plan so that you know exactly what to focus on even after the program

The Academy Includes:

laptop icon.png

9 Live Training Sessions

($7,200 Value)

worksheets icon.png

9 Worksheet Packets

($1,200 Value)

office hours icon.png

Weekly Live Office Hours

($2,400 Value)

weekly group coaching calls.png

3 Group Coaching Calls

($2,400 Value)


Make this one time investment and set yourself up for the business and life of your dreams!

3 monthly payments of $350


Save When You Pay-In Full

Limited spots available. Once spots fill-up the program will close.

Hi, I'm Natalia!



As a Business & Online Marketing coach running multiple businesses- including a 6-figure agency- I have over 4 years of experience launching and growing profitable and successful businesses. I have helped numerous women get clarity around their passions and dreams and turn them into profitable online businesses. This wasn't always the case, I spent the first two years of entrepreneurship trying to do it all alone. I was afraid to invest in myself and in my dream. But when I finally made the bold move to invest in my purpose, things began to change and my dream life started to become a reality. So whether you have been trying to build your business alone or you are ready to start an online business, this program will help you know exactly what to do to set yourself up for profit and success!

The Curriulum



Week 1: Dream Big: Vision & Dream Board
Week 2: Ideal Life Profile
Week 3: Ideal Business Profile
Week 4: Implementation Week/Group Coaching Call


Week 5: Ideal Client Profile
Week 6: Service/Product Suite
Week 7: Pricing Strategy
Week 8: Revenue/Business Model


Week 9: Implementation Week/Group Coaching Call
Week 10: CEO Training/Mindset
Week 11: Yearly/Monthly/Daily Goal-Setting + Action Plan
Week 12: Final Implementation Week/Group Coaching Call


Included in your experience:

  • 9 weekly LIVE training sessions with Natalia
  • 9 worksheet packages for each training session
  • 3 group coaching calls with Natalia
  • A private Facebook community with the other participants and Natalia
  • Weekly live office hours with Natalia to get all of your questions answered

Say YES to building your dream life & business today!

3 monthly payments of $350


Save When You Pay-In Full

Limited spots available. Once spots fill-up the program will close.


Plus, when you enroll, you will get instant access to my exclusive membership portal with 8 high-value masterclasses with me and top online business experts!


These are must have courses for entrepreneurs building profitable online businesses valued at $10,000+! 

Still wondering if you should join?

Watch this interview and find out how they went from Burned Out to Booking Clients in 3 months after enrolling in one of my programs!



What is the time commitment for this program?

The time commitment for this program is between 3-5 hours per week. You will be provided with a weekly live video training, access to Natalia for weekly live office hours and the week of each training to implement what you learned.

When will the live trainings take place?

A poll will be conducted to determine the best time and days for the majority of the members and a day/time will be selected and announced based on the poll.

What happens if I can't attend the training?

All of the video trainings will be recorded and uploaded for you to view at your convenience.

What will I be provided with during The Academy?

You will be provided with one new training each week (based on the curriculum above), worksheets for each training, with access to a private community, weekly live office hours and 3 group coaching calls.

When is payment due?

Payment is due upon acceptance into the program. If you choose to do payment plans you will be billed on the same day/time every month for 3 months as the day you make your first payment.

What will happen after I enroll?

You will be provided with a welcome packet, be added to the private group, given access to the weekly live training calls and worksheets and on your way to building your profitable online business!

How long will I have access to the Academy?

How about forever?! You will have access to the program even after it concludes including any updates that are made to it in the future.

Do you offer refunds?

Refunds are offered until the day prior to when the program begins.

Ready to start living the life you were meant to live?

Let's build your profitable online business!

3 monthly payments of $350


Save When You Pay-In Full

Limited spots available. Once spots fill-up the program will close.

Interested in booking a discovery call to see if this program is a good fit for you? Click here.