Are you tired of opening your inbox in the morning only to discover that nobody replied to your new offering?


Are you ready to go from struggling to get clients to consistently booking dream clients?


Do you feel like you spend way too much time online without seeing any real results?


Stop wasting time and start effectively getting yourself in front of clients who want to work with you!


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There's an entrepreneurial life that looks much different from what your life looks like right now. A life where:

Marketing yourself online only takes a few hours each month

Getting in front of your ideal client happens consistently

Receiving inquiries to your inbox for work happens without you having to physically show up every day

You spend your time working with clients instead of chasing them because they come to you 

Think about all of the opportunities you are missing out on and the clients you are losing to your competition because you don't have a solid strategy & process in place to engage them!

Not to mention, all of the wasted hours you spend online without seeing results!


The truth is that your time is too precious and your dreams are too real to not see them come true!

You have goals to accomplish,

Money to make,

People to serve,

A family to love,

A home to enjoy,

And a dream life to achieve!

That dream life is just around the corner, and it all depends on having two things:

Strategy & Process


With a STRATEGY you will be able to:

Effectively leverage social media, blogging and email lists to get in front of your dream clients, connect with them, and have them ready to work with you so that you never have to chase clients again!

With a PROCESS you will be able to:

Effectively manage your online marketing in a way that saves you time and gets you results so that you can have more free time to work in your business and enjoy a life you love!


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I'm Natalia Crawford, and I'm ready to help you get more clients online!

I quit my corporate job to become a full-time entrepreneur and within the first 5 months I:

  • Booked up with clients
  • Matched my salary from my full-time job
  • Hired my first employee
  • Doubled my revenue within 1 month of hiring my first employee


I built a 6-figure business within the first year of becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

I reached these goals by creating a strategy and process for managing social, blog and email lists in just 5-10 hours every month! The best part about all of it is that the process I created is based on strategies that ensure qualified leads are generated to get results. My clients see somewhere between 1,000-1,500 qualified leads every quarter!

Now, I want to teach you the same process and strategies I use to consistently get clients in just a few hours each month!

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Here's the thing, you are probably either spending 80+ hours per month online and seeing ZERO results!


You are avoiding it altogether and missing out on clients who would love to be working with you!


This program is designed to help you create a proven and results-driven online marketing process on autopilot so you can consistently engage your ideal clients, convert them and reach your financial, business and life goals!

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First, we are going to make sure that you have the right foundation in order to convert leads on your site. You will be provided with a step by step strategy to implement into your website to make sure your website is working for you and not agains you!



Then, we are going to talk about how to create quality content that takes a small amount of time with impact! You will be given a step by step process to create the right content to convert ideal clients for your business.




Next, we are going to identify how to find your ideal clients on social media and create content to attract them. Not to mention expert strategies to consistently grow, engage and convert your followers and create beautiful designs!



Then, we will create a blog and blog content strategy that will convert your website traffic on autopilot! You will get expert tips on how to decide what type of content to post on your blog, how to use it to convert email subscribers, and how to promote it so you get more website traffic visitors!





Next, we will talk about to create a strategy and content plan to convert your email subscribers to customers. You'll be provided with expert strategies on creating your perfect lead magnet, how to send quality content to your list consistently, how to sell to them and how to minimize the number of unsubscribes you receive.



Lastly, we will talk about all of the apps that will help you grow your engagement and following along with how to track and measure your analytics in an easy to understand way and use the date to grow!



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Your mastermind experience includes:

  • 3 months of expert marketing training and support so you can create your automated online marketing strategy with confidence and ease!
  • 6 LIVE Seminar style trainings so you can learn my top marketing strategies and process to consistently enroll clients with live Q&A's
  • 6 workbooks and additional resources pertaining to the trainings each month so you have everything you need to achieve your desired results
  • Access to Natalia as your coach via the private Facebook group so you get additional tips, resources and tools
  • Bi-weekly implementation weeks in between modules so you can instantly apply what you are learning and start to see results!
  • Private Facebook group community with access to Natalia and support from other entrepreneurial women so you never feel alone

Regular Enrollment

*SAVE $300

3 monthly payments of $500

Extended Enrollment

*Extended pricing plan

6 monthly payments of $300

You'll be able to select your preferred enrollment option at checkout. 

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The Result?

By the end of the 3 months, you'll have a seamless strategy & process in place to consistently enroll clients for your online business in less time!


After 3 months of working together, Kendra & Kleneice went from working 60 hours per week on their business and feeling burned out to only working 28 hours per week and booking clients consistently! 


Ready to consistently get clients online while spending less time marketing yourself?