You did it! You finally started going after your God-dream! And then you found yourself...

Building with the fear of failure instead of confidence in your faith AND ABILITY.

CONSTANTLY finding yourself wondering whether you or this business will ever really succeed.

Needing help, support and business training. but NOT KNOWING how you can have it all without spending a ton of money and time.

Friend, you weren't created to chase your God-dream alone or unsuccessfully.

You were made to build a thriving business with a mentor to guide you and a sisterhood at your side.

Let's be honest, when it comes to entrepreneurship there are WAY TOO MANY things to invest in!

You constantly find yourself wondering if you should you spend your money on:

  • Time Management Training
  • Understanding taxes
  • Learning about the legal side of business
  • Coaching
  • Marketing
  • Confidence and Mindset
  • Sales
  • Business processes/systems

The truth is that you know you need it ALL. But you are a small business owner with an even smaller budget.


What if you could have it all?

A coach mentoring you and answering your business questions

A community supporting you and giving you feedback and encouragement

Access to trainings on all of the things you need to know so that you can grow a thriving business

And not for the thousands of dollars that are seeing out there but for something that easily suits your budget!

Then, you could find yourself:

Feeling confident in what your business goals are and how to achieve them

Having accountability and friends who understand what you are going through and can work through things with you

Having the knowledge and expertise when it come to the practical things that go into building a Godly business so that you can be a successful entrepreneur 

Does that sound like exactly what you need in your business & life?


Welcome to the CWL Business Mastermind

A membership community providing women with the training, tools and support they need to build their God-dream!

Members of this community will:

  • Build a successful business alongside Christian women who support you, encourage you and pray for you
  • Have access to a business mentor who can answer all of your business questions and provide you with guidance on how to build and grow your God-dream
  • Have trainings and strategies from the top Christian women in business at your fingertips for you to access at your own time
  • Consistently get new trainings so that you can constantly be learning and implementing proven-strategies to your business
  • Meet and mingle with women who will become your business besties
  • Have the confidence, support and guidance to pursue your God-dream and live a purposeful life

You can be one of them but have your OWN success story!



Monthly LIVE Q&A call with Natalia Crawford and the rest of the members

$1,000 VALUE


A monthly business masterclass from a guest expert in different industries

$1,000 VALUE


Access to a private community of Christian women in business

$600 VALUE

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don't become a cwl member.png


Learn from the top Christian women in business!

Kate Crocco, Confidence & Mindset Coach

Kate Boyd, Online Marketing & Launch Strategist

Shi Chen, Leadership & Success Coach

Anna Frandsen, Business Mentor & Coach

 PLUS, when you join you will get INSTANT access to these trainings in the resource library valued at over $400!




Hey there! I'm Natalia Crawford and I am the founder of CWL. If you made it this far that means that you have been pursuing your God-dream and you are tired of doing it alone, feeling overwhelmed and are ready to get the tools, support and resources you need to take your vision to the fullness of what God gave you. I totally get it! I once was there too. As a matter of fact, that's the reason why I started Christian Women Leaders. I wanted to provide a space for women who were building their God-dreams to be supported and to find faith-based business resources.

It was something I needed when I first set out on my entrepreneurial journey three years ago, and when I couldn't find it I decided to create it.

I created it and then I learned something. We aren't called to do this alone, and the moment we realize that and let others in the sooner we start succeeding.

As soon as I did that I left my job and became an entrepreneur. I now run three businesses:

She Leads Daily, an online publication and magazine for Christian women.

Typenine Creatives, a creative agency with my husband.

and Christian Women Leaders.

If you are ready to build your God-dream alongside a group of women that are here to support you and you want guidance in living out your purpose then join us inside the CWL Business Mastermind. I can't wait to see you there and learn about your God-dream!

Getting 1-1 support from Natalia normally requires signing up for one of her coaching programs that start at four figures per month. In this membership you get access to her for A FRACTION OF THE PRICE!






What is the time commitment for this membership community?

Only 1-3 hours per month! You will be given access to the trainings to consume at your own convenience and will be given a date/time for the live Q&A mentorship call.

When will the calls take place?

A poll will be conducted on a quarterly basis to determine the best time and days for the majority of the members and a day/time will be selected and announced each month based on the poll.

What happens if I can't attend the call?

You will be able to submit your questions in advance to have answered on the call and then will be provided with a recording of the call.

What will I be provided with every month?

You will be provided with one new masterclass every month, 24/7 access to the membership community and a monthly live Q&A mentorship call with Natalia as well as access to all past masterclasses.

When will I be charged for my membership?

You will be charged for your membership the day you sign-up and then on the same day/time you enrolled every month.

What will happen after I sign-up?

You will be provided with the ability to create a profile and be given instant access to the community, the existing masterclasses and will receive details on the upcoming masterclass and mentorship call.

Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime and you won't be charged on the following billing cycle.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this program and the instant access to the majority of our resources we do not offer refunds. You can cancel your membership at any time and will stop being billed and removed from membership at the next cycle.