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You probably found your way to this page because you are a dreamer or an entrepreneur who is ready to make an impact without sacrificing their happiness, peace and joy.

I understand you. I'm all about making a profit while living a fulfilled life.

My strengths lie in business strategy & online marketing. I thrive off of helping women turn their dreams into reality both in their business and their life because truth be told, you are your businesses best investment.

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I can't wait to connect with you and help you build your business and design your dream life!

My Story

Let's talk about hustle.

And how much I hate it.

Let me start by saying that I believe in work, hard work. Especially when you are building a business. I really do. I started working when I was only 13 years old at the local dance wear shop, and I fell in love with work.

Then, I worked at my parents Mexican restaurant.

Then I started working as a hostess for a large chain restaurant. Long story short, my hard work got me working for the corporate company of this chain restaurant doing field marketing. I found myself having a well paying job, obtaining amazing results for the restaurant (so much so that they had me overseeing 4 of their restaurants in SoCal AND training others on how to accomplish the same results) all as an 18-year-old.

I loved it. I loved the creativity in marketing, the ability to set goals and then the challenge to attain them.

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From there, I continued my marketing career with various other corporate companies.

After doing this for a few years, I was introduced to entrepreneurship, or as I like to call it "freedom". The idea of setting my own schedule, building my own dream, deciding how many vacations I could take and not being limited with my income became my #1 priority. So I worked a full-time job and then worked evenings and weekends on my business. This is where things went wrong.

My full-time job was unhealthy and I was experiencing so much stress I found myself at the doctor's office. I was spending so much time on my business and never resting that I started to deal with anxiety and then eventually a full-blown panic attack and burn out.

That was NOT the life I wanted to live and it became another motivator for me to want to set my own priorities, boundaries and schedule.

I quit my full-time job, started offering contract marketing as an agency and started to define my own life and success.

I matched my full-time salary in 3 months, booked up with clients, hired my first employee and then doubled my income within 5 months.

That's not even the best part.

The best part of it all was that I was only working half as much as I did when I worked full-time, I was creating my own schedule, running a profitable business and living a life I had designed based on my dreams.


I became an entrepreneur to help women who also want to build a profitable business while balancing home and life. I am insanely passionate about that.

I also became an entrepreneur because I know the kind of life I want to live. A life away from stress and anxiety, a life where I get to make the things that matter to me a priority and where I am preparing for my future and having kids. It's my "why" that keeps me going and waking up to a fulfilled life each and every single day.

So yes, building an online business is hard work. It's the hardest work I've ever had to do in my entire life. But it is also the best life because it is the life I designed. And now I help women learn how to build profitable businesses and life a life they love too, hustle-free.